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About fishing permits

Before you go fishing in any of Queensland's dams, check whether you need a permit. The permit you need is called the Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP). The one permit covers all 32 dams in Queensland. You only need one permit per couple (married or de facto), and if you are under 18 you don't need one at all.

More information about the SIP scheme

Purchase a Stocked Impoundment Permit

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      You are entitled to the discount on yearly permits if you have any of these entitlement cards.

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    These details will appear on the stocked impoundment permit.

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    Your married/de facto partner can fish with you for free. Their name will also appear on the permit.

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    The Stocked Impoundment Permit scheme helps restock dams throughout Queensland, mostly by buying native fish fingerlings. The money anglers pay for their permits goes to local stocking groups who belong to the scheme.

    1. Nominate where funds from this permit will go * Choose one or more stocked impoundments from the list


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